There’s no right time”…only an eye for opportunity!

Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe you dream of starting a business, but just haven’t found the right time to take the leap.

 You’d be surprised how often I hear of people with an idea to start a business and the passion to accomplish it, but they let the busy-ness of life stop them! You may work full time, take care of a family and home, and just aren’t quite sure how to fit in those extra hours to build your own business.

 And, as if that weren’t enough, most people will use this holiday season as an excuse to slack-off or neglect their own business. With all the parties, vacation time, cooking and distractions, it may seem impossible to focus on your goals.

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Put your worry in the rearview mirror

Today, I want to share something very simple… yet, it has changed the way I think and pray. It built my faith tremendously and helped me through some devastating times. 

First, you need to understand something right off the bat: This is not your typical holiday message. But I AM going to talk about Jesus and WILL refer to the greatest book on success ever written – the Bible. Bottom line, I have my beliefs and they may not be the same as yours, but that’s okay! Just please keep an open mind, because what I’m sharing with you will help you… and not just during the “Christmas season,” but through every single day of your life.


Whether you believe Jesus was born in the fall, winter, spring or summer is your choice. Different people have different beliefs and that’s perfectly fine! The most important thing for us to understand revolves less around when He was born and more about who Jesus is, why He was born and why it matters to you today.


In the first summary of Jesus’ conception and birth, it says, “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a son, and they shall call His name Immanuel, which translated means, ‘God with us.'” 


I’m sure you’ve heard this before – probably several times. But what does that mean for you… for your job, your business, your family, your finances, your community?


It’s not just a story we read once a year on December 25th. I’m telling you, once you grasp the significance of this name, this specific character trait of God, it will change everything for you – just as it has for me.

Afraid of commitment??? You WON’T be after THIS! 

Are you totally committed to the things that are important in your life? There’s a really quick test to find out if you are. (I’ll get to that in a minute.) You see, in order to succeed in anything – your business or career, paying off your debt, growing your finances, marriage, family, traveling, helping orphans – commitment is a requirement. Success demands commitment. If you are not committed, you will never succeed. 

 When people are not committed, it shows. People are often not committed to a business they are in. Sure, they might be committed for a little while, but as soon as they run into some trouble, they quit. Others have a dream to feed orphans or to supply clean water to the poor in other countries, yet months go by and they’ve done nothing to either give their time and money, or even to spread the message about the need.

 A lot of people say they want to do something, but more often than not, they just don’t do what they say they’re going to do.

 Here’s a quick test to determine whether or not you are committed: Do you complain? Complaining shows you are not committed. It shows you are not ‘all in’.

 The truth is, if you are not ‘all in’ for succeeding in your business, other people around you know it – especially your prospects, customers, and co-workers. So think about it. Why in the world would they follow you if they know you’re not committed? They won’t, because they know you will eventually quit.

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Are You Just Clocking Hours Or Investing In Your Work?

Good morning! Do you OWN your work? It seems like a simple question, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who go to a job, day-in and day-out, without taking any ownership in the work they produce.
If you have no pride or ownership in the company you work for, your work WILL reflect it. And even worse, you probably blame it on someone else: “I can’t do my best work because…”
So let me introduce you to an incredibly simple mindset today… because taking ownership could have a huge impact on your career. If you’re the kind of employee who just goes through the motions, only completes the bare minimum and blames your manager, the environment or economy for the quality of your work…

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frustrated…fed up? This is for YOU!

Let’s face it… having to hunt for a job SUCKS! It can be difficult to interpret what employers, clients and even coworkers or business partners say they need or want. It can be even tougher to meet everyone’s expectations, leading you to easily fall prey to a fear of failure… or even to just becoming comfortable with the level of success you’ve ALREADY attained. 

If you’re ready to take your career or business to the next level, this message is specifically for YOU!

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Give your self the world this holiday season 

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them come vacation days, time off and family trips. What are your plans this year? Are you staying home with family or possibly visiting friends or relatives? 

It’s funny, because Americans love talking about travel. It’s a big dream for most people. We even pay for specific TV channels devoted exclusively to travel and subscribe to magazines about travel. But when it comes right down to it, most Americans DON’T actually travel!


Why not?? If so many people have that dream, then what keeps you from actually traveling? Money, family obligations, time off from work, your spouse doesn’t want to go to the same place… the “reasons” (or excuses) are endless!


What happens is, you start with this dream to travel the world. You want to go to Africa, Bora Bora, Europe, Japan! But once you have a full-time job, kids, a business or other obligations, it quickly turns into “Well, I’d love to do that… but I only get two weeks off and we have to visit family in Minnesota.”


So sad to have such a beautiful world to explore and to never step outside of your country, state, or even your hometown. There needs to be a change .

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Each and everyday everybody gets better in every way 

The beauty of this business you’ve engaged in is that you are not having to pioneer something new or something that’s never been done before. Actually, you should be excited that the network marketing profession has already created thousands of millionaires and countless stories of people replacing incomes, quitting their jobs to work for themselves, or creating additional income streams. Network marketing is the ultimate business model for creating leverage

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The world as you have known it is about to change —not for everyone —but for those who harness the power of the network marketing business model as a catalyst of change. You are not entering into an abyss of the unknown. It is not that freedom has never been achieved in this business model before. There are thousands who are living the dream life already. In fact, this book will provide you the blueprint or roadmap to guide you step by step through the process to achieve what the other success stories have achieved.

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