Your mind will play tricks on you so you won’t ACHIEVE WEALTH AND TIME FREEDOM


Multi level marketing was illegal, and people called them “pyramid schemes.” But times have change.Give it a chance I did made a change in my life with my mindset had to for my children , family , friend’s.


You know I used to HATE my job. (Yes, this job.
I dreaded getting up in the morning, because my job was sucking the life out of me. Work was the LAST place I wanted to be.
I’m sure you know how that feels…
You know the misery, the dread, the feeling of being stuck in cement, unable to take even a single step forward. (That SUCKS!!!)
That light at the end of the tunnel that everyone talks about?
Yeah, you haven’t seen that light in years…
I get it.
That’s why I’m so passionate about this. That’s why I JUMPED at the chance to write to you this week.
Because it doesn’t HAVE to be like that! It CAN change! It CAN be better! I am LIVING PROOF!!!

You Gotta Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!!

In reality, three voices talk to you every day: God’s voice, the enemy’s voice and your own voice. It’s so easy to be deceived into thinking we’re hearing God, when in fact, we’re listening to the enemy’s voice – or even our own. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to discern which voice you’re hearing, and to obey God’s voice… while blocking the other two. Today, you’ll learn how to recognize the enemy’s voice. There IS an enemy, and he DOES talks to you… with a purpose and plan to kill, steal and destroy. He uses intimidation, division, temptation, bondage and lies. But when you know his tactics, it’s EASY to defeat him! The enemy is nothing but a little yappy Chihuahua! When you know the sound of his voice, you start to recognize it. And as he whispers lies into your ear, you will be able to say, “Ah, I know what this is! No way, sucker!” But, God promises us power and authority over the enemy. Luke 10:19 says, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you.

Change is a must dont never give up

no more stressing only progression you ll realize in this business that people will tell you that they tried it and it didnt work or its not worth it dont listen to them you have to be courageous, have self confidence , be ambitious , have consistency , self motivation striving for excellence no hand outs nothing is giving to You on a silver platter it got to the point in my business were thats all I had also electrical work i even sleep outside also in my car almost to the point when i thought i was going to die terrible experiences police knocking at my window saying i couldnt sleep here working jobs losing them cause i wasnt getting proper sleep . I also had a job fire me over a family emergency just taking off to help my love ones . I was living in the shelters basically in between places but ive always pressed through situations with the help of God cause i couldnt do it on my own you can do all things through jesus christ who strenghtens you what you believe you will receive it . Anything that you put your mind to you can achieve it you have to also keep a tunnel vision because you will always have obstacles and distractions trying to come against you duplication is the key in this business building connections offering people something in return good customer service everyone wants to spend more time with their families not working all the time missing out on cherish able moments well at least I did but we still have bills though and family has to eat financial freedom is what everyone wants at the end of the day . You can lead horse to the water but you cant force it to drink it team work makes the dream work . you dont have to have a million legs or people under you you can start small like 5 independent business owners under you that duplicates the same what your mentor has taught you and the proper tools its just the utilization of them that will help your business flourish what you put in thats what you will get out. Anybody can pass anybody this not like a job were you cant reach higher than a Ceo the highest paid commissions this company has paid out to people like me or you is 250,000,000 i havent made that personally but i know that i have made 1 check since i reopen my business that was 800 in 1 day but you truly have to keep at it last year in 2016. Everybody is different though grasp things differently some quicker than others you could shoot up quicker this choice is enviably yours I personally choose this route because of these jobs nobody should determine your worth you should be able to make more than what someone else thinks that your worth seriously.

U Do You Want The “Status Quo”…Or MORE

I’m sure you’ve heard, “Success is a journey, not a destination” and definitely something you should take to heart. And one important stop along your journey should be to find out what success means for YOU. Many people follow textbook definitions society has sold them about what success should be or look like, until they actually stop and think, “Is this even what I want for?

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Young Living Essential Oils changed my Life!!!!

I actually love to use these products for personal usage theses are one of the most extrodinary oils I have used . Peace and calming is one of my favorite it relaxes me from daily stress and daily struggles things we experience as humans in this life . Thieves this is one of the greatest oils of this time we live cause its used in so many different ways . Such as house cleaner , laundry detergent , tooth paste , hand soap , toothaches, hand sanitizes

It is constantly used in so many ways! Thieves essential oil is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus therapeutic grade essential oils. Combined, this blend is a powerhouse of usefulness!

I truly hope you enjoy these experiences as well as I did so not only can you just enjoy these products as a customer but you can work for home with your business and use the products together earning extra cash on the side as well lets finish out this year and start the new year off right with becoming your own boss time is now God Bless everyone .

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Hello good morning everyone everyday is a new adventure, a way to make a change a difference, Don’t get discouraged because things might not be going your way theirs a reason for the seasons you just have to keep believing keeping your faith . You are just as important as anybody else in this word made with pure uniqueness . Everybody has a purpose to serve I remember working close to 80 hours a week two jobs just to make ends meet .I missed a lot family time but bills was paid everything else was basically token care of but I was losing time with the ones who loved me the most . SO when u have a fabulously opportunity to make a difference comes up promoting health and wellness not only in your own life but others as well that its like sowing seeds your going reap the benefits . JUST KEEP PLUGIN , running your own business being your own boss is imperative determinating your own worth investing in your self , Building your dream . These other companies and other establishments. Use you, wear you out , in reality you deserve better everyone . You matter you can always please and satisfy someone else but you matter as well but u have to treat others the way u want to be treated . Don’t let no one be manipulative to you though everyone everybody deserves the best and to be happy . LIFE IS what u make outta it , not just going to work everyday. Start a business and help other people travel live life explore invest in their selves and help others grow everyone deserves it be a leader. Everybody is blessed no matter the circumstances leave your mark in this world your capable of doing it . And that means with whatever you are doing .

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God will always  be on time  his timing is perfect  keep working  and building  with people duplication !!

Everyday is a better Chance to make a difference in every way possible. Cherishing every moment is really imperative family need their time as well alot I would say child are first not only for money but are gift from God and our bundles of joy in my eye’s like precious treasure. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

Are You Just Clocking Hours Or Investing In Your Work?

Good morning! Do you OWN your work? It seems like a simple question, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who go to a job, day-in and day-out, without taking any ownership in the work they produce.
If you have no pride or ownership in the company you work for, your work WILL reflect it. And even worse, you probably blame it on someone else: “I can’t do my best work because…”
So let me introduce you to an incredibly simple mindset today… because taking ownership could have a huge impact on your career. If you’re the kind of employee who just goes through the motions, only completes the bare minimum and blames your manager, the environment or economy for the quality of your work…

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Give your self the world this holiday season 

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them come vacation days, time off and family trips. What are your plans this year? Are you staying home with family or possibly visiting friends or relatives? 

It’s funny, because Americans love talking about travel. It’s a big dream for most people. We even pay for specific TV channels devoted exclusively to travel and subscribe to magazines about travel. But when it comes right down to it, most Americans DON’T actually travel!


Why not?? If so many people have that dream, then what keeps you from actually traveling? Money, family obligations, time off from work, your spouse doesn’t want to go to the same place… the “reasons” (or excuses) are endless!


What happens is, you start with this dream to travel the world. You want to go to Africa, Bora Bora, Europe, Japan! But once you have a full-time job, kids, a business or other obligations, it quickly turns into “Well, I’d love to do that… but I only get two weeks off and we have to visit family in Minnesota.”


So sad to have such a beautiful world to explore and to never step outside of your country, state, or even your hometown. There needs to be a change .

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