Change is a must dont never give up

no more stressing only progression you ll realize in this business that people will tell you that they tried it and it didnt work or its not worth it dont listen to them you have to be courageous, have self confidence , be ambitious , have consistency , self motivation striving for excellence no hand outs nothing is giving to You on a silver platter it got to the point in my business were thats all I had also electrical work i even sleep outside also in my car almost to the point when i thought i was going to die terrible experiences police knocking at my window saying i couldnt sleep here working jobs losing them cause i wasnt getting proper sleep . I also had a job fire me over a family emergency just taking off to help my love ones . I was living in the shelters basically in between places but ive always pressed through situations with the help of God cause i couldnt do it on my own you can do all things through jesus christ who strenghtens you what you believe you will receive it . Anything that you put your mind to you can achieve it you have to also keep a tunnel vision because you will always have obstacles and distractions trying to come against you duplication is the key in this business building connections offering people something in return good customer service everyone wants to spend more time with their families not working all the time missing out on cherish able moments well at least I did but we still have bills though and family has to eat financial freedom is what everyone wants at the end of the day . You can lead horse to the water but you cant force it to drink it team work makes the dream work . you dont have to have a million legs or people under you you can start small like 5 independent business owners under you that duplicates the same what your mentor has taught you and the proper tools its just the utilization of them that will help your business flourish what you put in thats what you will get out. Anybody can pass anybody this not like a job were you cant reach higher than a Ceo the highest paid commissions this company has paid out to people like me or you is 250,000,000 i havent made that personally but i know that i have made 1 check since i reopen my business that was 800 in 1 day but you truly have to keep at it last year in 2016. Everybody is different though grasp things differently some quicker than others you could shoot up quicker this choice is enviably yours I personally choose this route because of these jobs nobody should determine your worth you should be able to make more than what someone else thinks that your worth seriously.


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