Reclaim YOUR “child-like” faith!

When you were younger, did you believe in Santa Claus? Or the Easter Bunny? How about the Tooth Fairy? Maybe you believed your dad was Superman, or another superhero, in disguise. Kids have the most beautiful ability to demonstrate complete and honest faith, with absolutely no need for proof. Faith is not based on proof and it needs no evidence. But a lot of confusion and skepticism swirls around out there about the true nature of “faith.” Generally, faith is seen as some kind of “religious” thing. But truthfully, it’s simply having confidence – or placing trust – in something. And we were all born with this gift of faith. Faith allowed you to believe in Santa as a kid. And, as adults, faith actually changes our behavior and can set you up for outrageous success. And – believe it or not – without faith, success will be impossible! 347 965 9087


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