More value ALWAYS equals more MONEY!

 I have a question for you today. On the surface it may seem like a simple question. But don’t read over it too quickly, or you may miss it.


What are you doing today, to increase your skill at work? 


It doesn’t matter what you do – whether you own your own business or work for someone else – this still applies to you. Bottom line, what determines your value in the marketplace is NOT your looks, your personality or your background. It’s your skill.


Consider this: Who makes more money, a general M.D. or a brain surgeon? The brain surgeon, of course! Why? Because he has specialized knowledge and skills. He has invested more time and money into learning higher skill sets.


It works the same way for you and me. If you increase your skill level, you will increase your pay.


And, good news – we each control our own skills. Therefore, we each control our own paychecks! 


So, let me ask you again: What are you doing today to increase your skill at work?


I’m not asking what you did in college or last year or last week or even over the weekend. I’m asking what you’re doing today.

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