Remove The Blinders You Have Put On Your Vision

Today, let’s spend a little time in front of the mirror. Sound uncomfortable? It used to be very uncomfortable for me.
I viewed myself the way my stepfather trained me to think of myself, calling me all of those horrible things. I actually believed him. You need to understand, who you are comes from how you see yourself… AND limited by what you cannot see!
For example, if you view yourself as fat and ugly – like I used to – you can’t see beyond that. You block a view of your destiny with the “I can’t do anything right… no one will ever want me… I’m fat or ugly” mindset!
But let me tell you, life and death live in the power of the tongue! When you look in the mirror, what life or death do you speak into your life? Do you feed that vision of a “nobody” who will never obtain success? Or, speaking into a destiny God has preordained for you?
“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18). Today, you’re going to create a new vision for yourself. Write down what you want to see in your character, your health, your marriage, your career, your finances and your future. And speak life into that! Anyone without a vision will perish.

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