You have this opportunity … and therefore you have a responsibility😀👌👍!

When you started your network marketing business, and started telling your friends and family about it, their eyes are now on you. They are expecting you to give it up and quit. And when you do, they will have “been right” not to join you. This is the self-perpetuating stigma that the network marketing profession has – that most people do not make money in such a business. And it’s because most people take no responsibility for seeing what they started through to success. They have little skin in the game to keep them from just walking away. This is why you have a responsibility to succeed, because if you are another example of this business not working, it robs others of their chance to believe in a better way for themselves.
But let’s make this even more personal than what others think about you quitting, or not quitting but not actually succeeding. Your own spouse and children (and for some, grandchildren) are watching you. In some cases – both team and family – they are counting on you. Whether you are an example to them, or maybe a bread winner for the family, this whole thing is bigger than you. Will you model courage and work ethic, or fear and laziness? Will you make excuses or make success? I wonder if you ever thought that getting into this part time business was going to matter so much.
Another deep way this matters is – YOU. Did you realize that not finishing what you start has psychological ramifications that affect all other areas of your life? It’s called the Zeigarnik Effect. The feeling of being incongruent will seep into your confidence in your work, your relationships, your focus, among others. It even messes with your ability to sleep at night. The people I have watched and studied who made it to high levels of success in network marketing seem to have positive effects bleed into their entire life. Yes, the new cash flow helps, but on a deeper, internal level, it’s overall empowerment is palpable.
Am I saying that anyone expects you to drop everything else in your life to build your business? No, of course not. But should you be committed to spending consistent time daily to work diligently towards success in your business? Yes, 100%. Even if only an hour a day, the compound effect will kick in over time and your success will materialize. This will skyrocket your confidence, having proven to yourself that you could win. This success will shine as an example to all others who are watching you and counting on you.

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