What This Election Means For YOU!

Election night is always a BIG night in America… and last night was no exception. Millions of people across the nation, glued to their TVs, news sites and social media, eagerly awaited the outcome of our presidential election.
And whether your candidate won – with you tearfully ecstatic, overjoyed they got into office – or you were among those sickened and overcome with anxiety by the results, honestly, what happens in the White House ultimately does not determine what happens in your house.
You know, it’s an interesting study to observe social media around election time. Some people go off on someone, and even block friends, simply over different political beliefs. However, others choose to communicate honor in every word they type, regardless of their opinions and beliefs.
Politics seem to stoke the fires of strong and diverse opinions. People so easily take offense. Tempers run hot, with folks becoming so judgmental – nothing more than 6th-grade maturity. If you attack those whose opinions differ from yours, judge them or get offended, it may reveal an area of weakness in you!

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