You May Not Be Where You WANT To Be…But You’re Not Where You WERE!

I read a comment, from one of our faithful clients, on Facebook and it was quite an interesting read. She asked,since plugging-in to First Steps To Success and Creating A Dynasty, I’ve been able to double my income each year. However, how do I multiply that even more?”
I gotta tell you, I chuckled when I saw that and my knee-jerk reaction was, “Is there a problem here?! Since you’ve been plugging into this training, you have doubled your income each year… and now you want to know how to multiply it?”
First of all, you already HAVE multiplied it! When this woman first came to us, each day for her was a total financial struggle and she couldn’t figure out how to get ahead. She had no idea how to pay off debt or grow her income. So after a few years of doubling her annual income, she probably thinks, “Okay, that was easy, I’ve got it dialed-in. But, how do I MULTIPLY it?”… without even realizing she already HAS multiplied each year… it’s a done deal!


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