Don’t Let Economic “Doom & Gloom” Blind You To Opportunities

Do you believe business success is just for certain people? That you need a certain degree, level of education, luck, upbringing… or ALL of the above? And no matter how hard you work, it feels as if you will never shatter that glass ceiling, blocking you from promotions or success in your career. I can tell you, there is something different about people who succeed… and it isn’t what you think!
On our show, I spoke with Roger, a caller who described it better than I can. “When I look at the business world, I see two types of people: entrepreneurs and business people. The entrepreneurs are determined, they know who they are and aren’t going to let anyone stand in their way. Business people are not determined, if society tells them not to do something – either because of the economy or something – they won’t do it.” At the first sign of a struggle, they cave in.
You see, it’s a totally different mindset. But good news – you can reap HUGE benefits, even if you’re employed by someone else, when you adopt this entrepreneurial mindset. Honestly, would you go about your job differently if you were an entrepreneur, if you pretended you were owner of that company?

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Telan J Millington


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