Don’t tell anyone, but…I definitely have said that…and more!
How about this one? ”I don’t get paid enough to put up with this crap!!!”
Or, ”This job SUCKS THE LIFE out of me!”
Look, I get it. I sooooooo get it.
You’re unfulfilled. Unappreciated. Stuck in a job you hate. Your boss is a jerk. You dread going to work every day. You’d rather get a root canal than have to put up with your coworkers.
Maybe you’ve even called in sick before because you just needed a break from your soul-sucking job… (Again, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve done that one before, too…)
So, what’s the answer? There’s gotta be a solution out there, right?
Is it finding a new job? One with a better boss, better pay, better coworkers, a better environment? Unfortunately, no. That’s not the answer.
Reality is, if you were to go find a new, “better” job today, chances are, you’d end up in this same situation again.


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