YOUR Action Can Kick Procrastination’s BUTT!!

Are you a… procrastinator? As this new season kicks off, maybe you have a lot of things you want to accomplish that you’ve been putting off for a while.
It is so easy to make excuses for not actually getting anything done – almost TOO easy, right? You can always “get to it tomorrow” or “after you feel better” or “when you’ve got more time” or whatever other new excuse happens to pop into your head.
Procrastination can result from feeling overwhelmed, a fear of failure or just plain ol’ disorganization. But it can also come from indecision, lack of vision or divided focus. A lot of people claim to do their best work “under pressure”… could that be you? Unfortunately, procrastination and pressure lead to mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, fear and defeat. And that keeps you stuck!

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