Happy Labor Day, To ALL Who “Labor!”

Happy Labor Day! A couple of years ago, I realized I didn’t even know the history of Labor Day. Obviously, it had to do with workers in some way. But I wasn’t really sure and it caused me to do a bit of historical study on how Labor Day came about. And I honestly think you should take a look, too. Now don’t just stop at Wikipedia, which provides very little information, but really go deeper into the history of why, how and when Labor Day started.
I’ll tell you, I was a little surprised by what I learned and I don’t want to just tell you in The Daily Fix today. I want you find out for yourself! But, has this holiday just become “Woohoo! I get a three-day weekend…I get a paid day off because it’s a federal holiday” for you? Have you even asked why it’s a federal holiday?
Who’s paying you for Labor Day? Is it the federal government – or your employer – paying you to not work today? As a business owner, I’ve employed people for two decades and just a couple of years ago, I actually asked myself, “Hey wait a minute here, who said it should be a federal holiday? And ‘they’ say it’s a federal holiday… but the employers are the ones required to pay their workers not to show up that day!”

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