The dynamics of our economy and world are changing

People, more and more are building a home base business taken control of their own lives. No longer sacrifice their freedom for the promise of retirement and social security. There are people that wanted to be retired and couldn’t, because they too had to go back to work, because they could not afford to be retired. They lost they pension, because the company folded or whatever the reason. Building your own business lets you control your own destinies, your own business where you control the parameters. Your creativity is expounded upon and you’re pay though your own business, setting your hour, dictating your own limit, and spending time with the most important people in the world to you, your immediate family. Making that baseball game your son wanted you to see him in. Or the beautiful play, your daughter worked so hard at, that she wanted you to see. What a wonderful and beautiful experience it is to have a child. There no feeling like it in the world. Shall we deprive our beautiful stars, of our teaching and love for them? You decide.


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