Bottom line, you and I are molded and mentored by someone or something every day… and that can work FOR you, or AGAINST you!

When it comes to the mentoring that happens in your life, your kids’ lives, and your family’s lives, you really have to look at the fruit coming from people you spend time with. Look at what you allow them to speak into your life. What kind of advice do they give you? Because if they don’t have what you want – character and maturity, if they gossip, if they’re jealous, or broke – be careful.
Sometimes, the people or things you spend a lot of time with, simply do not benefit your life. They’re not giving you wisdom or building your character, or offering sound financial and marital advice. We can be so easily influenced by the people around us.
So I want to encourage you to look at the fruit in your life and observe the lifestyle, character and priorities of the people mentoring you, so you can determine whether or not you will continue to let them influence you.

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