Be patience,continue to persist and move in the direction of your dream .Many times a dream has a life of its own .It will take you on a journey to build your character,your confidence and your faith . Be patient ! Patience does not mean  being inactive .It means positive expectation and knowing deep down in your heart that you will be alright. Beleive that things are going to work out for you.judge not according to appearances . Be patient. If you don not have a dime in the back , lost your job ,or your money .Be patient. You have the power in you to pull this out .Dont  judge yourself based on what u  do not have. What you have is enough.Hold the vision .you have the power in you to resurrect your dreams and make them become a reality .Work on your self .Believe in yourself and in a power greater than yourself .Bepatient and keep moving forward .Things will work out for you .

Remember……you have something special . You have Greatness within you !!!


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