“Forgiveness Saved MY Life!” And It Can Save YOURS!

We all get hurt sometimes. It’s just part of life. And we all carry hurt with us from the past. Whether it was a father who didn’t protect us, a mother who abandoned us, a brother who bullied us, a sister who wasn’t there for us. Maybe it was a friend who stabbed us in the back. A classmate who made fun of us on the playground in first grade. A teacher who told us we could never become successful. A spouse who doesn’t support us. A coworker who gossips about us. A boss who treats us unfairly.
No matter what – or who – hurts us, we must make a decision. But it takes a certain level of maturity to make this decision.
You see, it’s never circumstances that determine your success in life, in business, in your family. HOW you choose to deal with those circumstances makes all the difference.
And sure, forgiveness may seem like a great idea. But in reality, most people never act on it. It’s easy to talk about, but actually doing it can be a whole different story.
Unforgiveness will keep you in bondage. It will keep you from taking risks. It will limit your earning power. It will keep you stuck in a rut for the rest of your life. My friend, unforgiveness will rob you of your destiny.
But forgiveness… forgiveness will set you free!


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