THESE Words Will Set YOU Apart!

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can overlook the most simple bits of knowledge! The things you and I assume are “common knowledge” required for success – whether in our business, our relationships or our personal development – others go through life without ever learning.
This came to my attention once again, after Inc. ran a story in their magazine and online, titled “10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day” and looking at the list, I fully agree with every phrase… along with adding a few of my own. But what truly struck me, was the fact this was even newsworthy!
Then it occurred to me, WOW 98% of the people out there really DON’T know these basic things! What should be common knowledge, really isn’t very common today!
These “little things” can make a HUGE difference in the level of success you achieve, in every area of your life. While the Inc. list is primarily geared toward business readers – because the assumption is, “business” would the only place where success either counts or can be measured – I suggest you aim for success in EVERY area of your life!
After all, how meaningful would your business success be… if your marriage or family were in shambles? If you had no friends? If you couldn’t find personal peace and happiness? If you had untold riches but an incurable illness? If you had no sense of purpose or goals outside of simply making more money?
See what I mean?! Without this “balance” of success, the other parts can lose their luster and meaning. But, to achieve this well-rounded, fulfilling life, you can’t overlook the “little things!”
And, the phrases this “10 Things” article suggests separate extraordinary individuals from, well, everyone else, are:
“Here’s what I’m thinking.”
“I was wrong.”
“That was awesome!”
“You’re welcome.”
“Can you help me?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Can you show me?”
“Let me give you a hand.”
“I love you!”
NOTHING! (Because silence can be powerful, too!)
I would suggest a few more, like “Please” and “Thank you” along with “What I heard you say is…” and several others designed to open up lines of communication, minimize misunderstandings and solidify relationships.


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