Have You Forgotten HOW To “Dream”?

I’m going to ask you a question today, and then we’re going to work through the answer together. It’s a vital question you should ask yourself frequently… but maybe never even considered. And that’s all going to change today!
If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? It seems like a big, scary question – but keep reading.
Maybe you haven’t had the courage to dream. Maybe you had dreams when you were younger, but with whatever happened throughout your life, those dreams might have gotten lost. Maybe you buried them. Maybe it was easier to just “live” your life and get by, rather than dream and believe something great, something spectacular, something mind-blowing, could happen to you.
But today, I really am asking you that question. I really want you to think about it. If you knew you could NOT fail… if there were no chance of missing the mark… if there were NO chance of falling flat, what would you do?



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