Learn how to live with true freedom …. Time

I have seen so many business owners who start making money but have no idea what to do with it. You have business expenses to pay off first but you have to set up small baby steps to make money work for you to reach real freedom and not always working for money. The goal with your newfound income with network marketing from the beginning is setting up your baby steps system. We have heard the get rich quick schemes, work from home, and make money while you sleep. Well it is not totally a lie –if you set your money up to do those things for you. It is like slow cooking barbecue pulled pork …that falls off the bone. It has to cook nice and slow so the debt rolls away and stays under control.While you are growing your new income with your business you have to teach your money to behave. You have to give every dollar a name at the beginning of the month so when it arrives in the account itwill know where it belongs from the beginning. When money knows what its assignment is –it will not turn into a pair of jeans, or shoes, or a new purse/bag. There is nothing wrong with having nice things…that are paid for with cash instead of a plastic card. Cash is recognized everywhere you go. Learn how to make every dollar count ! That is freedom!



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