Leadership Bonus & Ranks

A star will have 500 OGV volume paid on levels 1-3 = OGV or organizational volume meaning the volume in your group A senior star will have 2000 OGV paid on levels 1-4 An executive has 4000 OGV (2 new members) paid on levels 1-5 Silver has 10,000 OGV with 2 legs with 4000 volume in each leg (silver 6 is a fantastic goal to reach) Gold has 35,000 OGV with 3 legs with 6000 volume in each leg Platinum has 100,000 with 4 legs with 8000 volume Diamond has 250,000 OGV with 5 legs with 15,000 volume in each leg Crown Diamond has 740,000 with 6 legs with 20,000 in each leg Royal Crown Diamond has 1,500,000 OGV with 6 legs with 35,000 volume in each leg There are several videos on YouTube that break this down for a visual that will make this more understandable. Your first steps to power start your business are complete. You are now set up to begin building a business. Master skillsto market your business and get some hot leads coming your way that want to work with you and your company.


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