Hi everyone

I went around and asked everyone what is the longest living thing and with no hesitation the answer is away a tree. To think that all of the plant and vegetation in this world grows to nurture us and feed us plus bring our bodies back to balance and wellness. Their is a question that was posed, it went like this . “Who are we to eat things of a dead nature and we are of a living soul? Should we not eat thing of a living nature to promote the soul? These worded questions prompted me to look at things differently I realized that we do not have to kill to eat. The plants and vegetation grows effortlessly for us to consume. But by cutting and packing plants,vegetables, herb and the sort. We are losing the wellness power of them. Because when you cut them they are dying. But its not all at a lost there is a ancient process that can harness that power so you and I can use it to balance our bodies to wellness and make it more stronger and so less susceptible to dis-ease. My name is Telan  will you not venture with me and explore the wellness power of this powerful and ancient process harnessing


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