SERIOUSLY – You’re Going To Let ONE Setback Kill Your Dream?!



Every single person was born with many different gifts and we’ll talk about two of those gifts today. Not only are these two things extremely important, it’s virtually impossible to succeed without them.
You were born with an unbelievable amount of persistence, along with the natural ability to “get over it”… whatever “it” might be!
Come on, you know what I’m talking about. It’s dinner time, and there you were, asking for some chocolate ice cream. And telling you “No” certainly didn’t stop you from asking, did it? No way! You persisted. You KEPT asking. “Please, can I have some ice cream?! Please, please, please, please, PLEEZ???” You asked and asked and asked, until threatened to within an inch of your life. And yet, in the face of multiple consequences, you persisted!
And chances are, this wasn’t the only time you asked, either! You didn’t have to be taught to persist. You naturally persisted. You were born with that gift!


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