Network Marketers and Their Quandary

In our industry, we are drawn to the stories of people earning big money, traveling the world, driving exotic cars, and posing for the camera in front of their mansions. The flashy trappings of success are supposed to prove that this business is successful, and insinuate that they, too, can have all of this. But we all must realize that this is a slippery slope. In many ways, it’s a trap. I have watched all too many networkers living way above their means. On the outside, they look dazzling and happy. But when they log onto their computer at night and look at their online bank statement, the smile disappears. On the inside, many are toiling, restless, and scared. Eventually this causes people to make poor decisions out of desperation, rather than smart decisions born from peace of mind and confidence. You will see networkers who cannot stay put building their business in one company long enough to gain wealth because their spending-habitualized desperation causes them to look for the next shiny object to rescue them. The sad reality is that on any given day I can show you two different people who are currently making $50,000 a year from their network marketing business … but in five years, one will be broke, while the other has built a sizable net worth. Sad, but true. If you want to lose weight, you can eat less, or work out more. But if you want to get even better results faster, you can eat less and work out more! A similar law applies in wealth building. If you want to build wealth, you can spend less, or earn more. But if you want to get there faster, youYou can’t always control how much you earn, but even without earning more, you can immediately control the spending and what you do with the surplus money (more on this later). You’re always going to continue to work on growing your income. But if income growth is your only focus, you may just end up earning more and still be broke at a higher level. There’s nothing gained by earning $100,000 a year and spending $100,000 a year. Actually, all you’ll have done is raised the bar of your expenses and skewed your wealth calculation to now have fewer years to live off your savings. So it is imperative that you get control of these first two topics right off the bat.


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