The Love of Money!!!

The Love of Money … The first place to start is to examine your personal relationship with money. How do you consciously think about money? And even deeper, how were you conditioned and programmed to feel about money throughout your life? Many people have never stopped to ask themselves these important questions. Ask yourself if you’ve ever heard these statements: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” “Money can’t buy you happiness.” “Rich people take advantage of others.” “It’s not good to be greedy, so money is not important.” “The love of money is bad.” If you were raised in an environment where you heard such things, you are likely repelling money from you instead of attracting it to you and you don’t even realize it. Think about it. If your subconscious self deems money to be intrinsically bad or evil, it will not want you to have it. Consciously, however, in the real world of bills and expenses, you know you need money to live. You have likely worked hard, almost as a slave to money , all of your life. You never really thought of money as a good thing, but rather a necessary evil in life.


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