Then I realized the big house, the designer wardrobe and fancy cars were all about proving something. I wanted to show people I had MADE it! But I was horribly in debt and still spending every dollar I earned. I thought the big-house debt and stress of keeping up with the Jones’ was what I was supposed to do with my money.
Today, I want you to consider the notion our society has “sold” you an image of what wealth looks like and the lifestyle you should want. They’ve sold you a specific “need” for these brands or those cars, so everyone knows how rich you are! Or somehow you need those items in order to achieve a certain status.
If you don’t have your own financial vision, before you know it, you’re sucked into society’s “manufactured” financial vision. You see, money is always looking for a place to go. And YOU have to tell it where to go!
I want to tell you a secret about millionaires and financially-independent people (since not all millionaires are actually financially independent). Those people have a purpose for their income and know exactly where every cent goes. The rest of the population has no idea! If I asked you how you spent your last paycheck, it may sound something like, “Oh yeah, some food and like a few other things…”
Because if you don’t have a plan for your money, it WILL get sucked away lickety-split. The best financial advice I can give you is to find out what 98% of the population is doing – and then do the opposite! Those people are broke because they spend everything they make (and sometimes more). Find out what they’re buying and don’t buy it! Is everyone going to Arby’s for lunch? Don’t go! Look where their money is going… look at the fruit in their lives… and decide to do things differently! Decide to get different results!
When it comes to creating your financial vision, you have to define what financial success is for YOU. Develop a vision that is your own, not one someone else has TOLD you is financial success. If you create a vision based on the WRONG motives, you are setting yourself up for a loss.


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