Bonus and Commission Checks

People always like to know how to make money. You do not have to be on an ER to get a fast start and start living bonus, you would need to have ordered at least 50 PV in the same calendar month. For ALL other commissions you’re required to be on 100 PV each month. There is detailed information on the commission checks in the virtual office. Here are a few other questions people will ask Can my account go inactive? Yes. If youhave not placed an order in 12 consecutive months your account goes inactive and the people you signed up will roll up to the next qualifying member in that line. You can order a 100 PV to reactivate your account but ordering after it has expired will not get your downline members back. To prevent that from happening set up your ER even if it is only 50 PV a month.When do checks for commissions go out? The 20th of each month you are paid for the previous month. You should set up your check to be direct deposited. Otherwise it will take 3-5 days for the mail to deliver it to your mailbox arriving around the 25th of the month.What is the difference in the ENROLLER and the SPONSOR? The enroller is the person who enrols or signs someone up. They will be the one who gets the kits bonus and fast start bonuses. The “sponsor” is the person you mayactually place under someone to help build their team. (I don’t suggest placing someone under anyone is not actively building) The person placed will be their first level. They do NOT get a kit bonus or fast start bonus but they do receive the unilevelcommission


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