Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful things. And this is one of those times

Healthier way to wellness

As I’m being attentive and studying the things I need to build skills that are important to my business I bumble through many things that are helpful or non helpful. What keep me going? You may say. Funny I set down for an hour and talk to five people about my experience with a product and sign them up the same hour. Then forgot I did it because I received my providers license for group they care in the mail. About a month later I received a letter from my company and in the letter was a check for $34 . So I said well I must’ve bought more product then expected and I got a bonus check, I said wow. Running a daycare is a lot of work. It is a 12 hour a day workday. Children put their mouth on everything so at the end of the day you have to wipe down everything toys, walls, floors, sinks everything. And paper work was the worst. Anyway it never dawn me to check out my office at the company online. The next month I received other check with a pin. The check was for $234. To cut a long story short, 1 of the 5 people I talk to starter to grow their business by themselves and because I kept up with the agreement the company had set for 100 PV’s a month I receive commissions off of that person and their down line. I guess the point of the story is never start something unless you’re going to complete it and never give up till it’s done.


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