Opening your eyes and looking at life from a different perspective 

Then I ask, “On the other hand, if you hit the top level in our network marketing business, and you are making a quarter million dollars a year or more, passively, and you have time freedom to call your own shots and live life on your own terms … how many of you feel that
You could live the life you dream about?” And without fail every hand goes up. I iterate, “So your job does not even offer the chance to live your dreams … but this business does! Remember this always! So why would you ever think your job is more important in your life than your own network marketing business? Now I’m not recommending that you run and quit your job tomorrow. Of course not. Keep your job and earn your living during those hours, while in your off-hours you build your fortune. Down the road, you may find that your part-time business income eclipses what you make at your job. At that point you have options!” 
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