How to Keep the Money You Make It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep that

Do you need to have income that is greater than your expenses to be able to write them off? Actually, no you don’t. To the extent that you spent more than you earned, the excess expense can be carried over and applied against your income in future years. This is called a business loss carry-forward. Your business loss can even be deducted from the ordinary income from your job. This is often the case, as new network marketers may spend more than they earn from the new business in the beginning. This does not mean your business is not working. It just means businesses take time to build and become profitable, and the government understands this. So if you lost/spent more than you earned for the first couple of years in your network marketing business (which is common in any business start up), it comes back to you in a way. You will carry that loss forward and deduct it in the first profitable year


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