Mind set shift from employee to a employer 

During this process of change in your mind set from employee to employer  nobody will see or understand. You are thinking outside of the box I watched people everyday and been very observant to how my parents ,friends ,strangers.Go to work for someone else everyday slaving at a job they claim they love to do but somebody else is still in control of your life .I don’t see how you could be comfortable living in such a way.I have changed a lot job wise some people are realizing  that jobs don’t really have your best interest for you promising you stability ,security,consistent income  etc.They try to you should be able to determine your own worth I talk to many people on a daily basis about if they love what they are doing every day most people say they tired or stressed rarely people say yes. I was the same way at 1 time it’s a good thing I realized this while I’m still young. 


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