Using jars as a living metaphor can make it real. There are fun ways especially with children to get their buy in. For example, many parents I’ve mentored in network marketing have used the children’s desire to take a trip to Disney World. So they had their kids cut out pictures of Mickey Mouse, the Princess, or their favorite characters. They got a huge plastic jar and glued the pictures to the side. They told the kids that every time mom or dad goes to a business meeting, they would each get 50 cents to put into the jar. Once the jar is filled up, they would use this money to take the family to Disney World. You wouldn’t believe how excited the kids got. They would ask, “Mom, why aren’t you going to a meeting tonight?” How’s that for a reversal? That’s true buy-in. What if you did that for the wealth-building plan buy-in as well? Find ways for the household to contribute to the wealth jar, and once it fills up and goes into the bank, the family gets to go do something amazing.


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