For those of you in the early stages of teaching yourselves about money, I suggest keeping it simple and making it your priority to go Debt Free ASAP . That ought to be your mantra. Some will put the words on their dream boards. Some will write the words on their bathroom mirrors. I am not totally opposed to this. But remember that we get more of what we focus on. So even though we are saying we want to get rid of debt, we are still talking about debt. If You are motivated by a war or attack on something bad, then that’s fine. But I would rather you keep your focus on the positive, and write on your mirror or dream board BUILD WEALTH or BUILD NET WORTH. The reason is that being debt free merely brings you to ground zero. You are not wealthy just because you are out of debt. You are out of the negative. The danger is in setting our goals too low. If you set a goal and hit that goal but are still not happy, then you set the goal too low in the first place. Your expectations of what life would be like after achieving that goal will let you down.


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