Peace and purpose 

Ever think? Because when we think, we can be very harsh on our self. You say I can’t do this, and I can’t do that. We don’t have time to pay attention to the inner cry’s, from our own beingness. We become self-executioners and judge. When things happen. We will say to our-self, stupid me how can I, or how can he/she be so stupid. Maybe it just me. But are we not being cruel to our own self and other? We are so enthralled with the business of our family, job, bills, and blind folded by the action that are born by our very act, upon us and other. Not realizing that we cause our own demise. Realize how we ponder over the past about things that happen weather disturbing or not. It’s like carrying lead bags on our back. We do not only waste the energy and power that emanates from us in the present moment. But it is also depleting and debilitating to the point of exhaustion. Which is cheating us of our own presents. Which can only be experience in the here and now. Hence the saying. And I quote “Do not sent your spirit out on mission it doesn’t belong on”. To hate, despise, or to hold malice in your heart. Is the belief that the past still exist and is tangible. Life is an abundant giver. Self-cruelty, and cruelty to other blocks you success. Freedom is our natural state.


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