This fear is one most people dont know they have, but many people have it.You say you want success.You want the homes ,cars,boats, travel, shoes ,clothes, and lifestyle.But if you achieve all of that , how will your friends perceive you? Are you afraid of what your friends and family are going to think when suddenly your life changes and theirs is still the same? Right now, you are likely on the same socioeconomic level with them .Its comfortable and you all can relate to each other .its akin to misery loves company.”But you go off and become successful in your new business,and – wham! You are driving a nicer car moving into a nicer neighborhood .You take your kids out of public school with their kids and put them into a private school.You now take expensive trips, but your friends cant afford to go with you.Now you start to sense a separation or divide. You are moving up,and they are down there.your friends are looking at you with a bit of jealousy.Knowing this can happen, what are going to? Are you going to go for it and succeed anyway,or are you going to stay small with them so you dont make them feel inadequate?


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