There is a third strategy that anyone can employ to build extraordinary  wealth and financial freedom, regardless of age, experience, education income level or social status: Asset income from Network Marketing.

1.You can build it part time,any time.

2.You can build it from anywhere,any city ,any virtual office.

3. You can launch it for $500 to $1000.

4. You are in business ” for yourself, but not by yourself , meaning your host company will do all the heavy investing and lifting from product development, legal ground work , customer service, data processing, banking, sales training ,marketing, branding and even social media.

5. Your business partners… those above you in the network in terms of seniority and linage have a vested interest in your success.Somewhere in your team,someone is making it work and they want more than anything to teach and motivate you to make it work for you

6.You can create enough tax deductions alone each year to make it worthwhile.

7.You can earn an extra 500,1000,5000$ or more a month every month to in vest in the traditional options of the real estate and equities.

9.And because with time and success your income will be produced for you by hundreds, perhaps even thousands , of others each pursuing their own success creating a asset income… that means it could go on forever regardless of whether your working hard at it or not.A pure asset income creates an asset…net worth.


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