All About Me


My name is Telan Millington,  I am a Father, an Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) and, an Electrical Mechanic in New York City. I am the father of two beautiful brilliant children, Telan Jr. who is 5 years old and his sister, Kenya who is 6 years old.   They are the joy and light of my life and the reason why I do what I do… They bring meaning to a good life and healthy living.   All that I do is to support their future and create health, wealth, joy and love for myself and my family.

I have discovered that YLEO is a goldmine and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.    The Young Living Essential Oils and  products are a fabulous benefit to support health and wellness.  I enjoy the oils and embrace the medicinal and spiritual benefits that they provide. I use the following oils for health and therapeutic purposes: 1) Peppermint to support my digestive system, 2) Lavender to promote a restful sleep, to heal cuts, scraps and burns, and  3)Frankincense for depression, respiratory infections, and muscle relaxation. So I’m not only a distributor, I use these oils as a financial benefit, and for my  spiritual and physical well being.

My father is an Electrical Inspector for MTA Transit Authority and I strive to follow his footsteps and become an accomplished Licensed Master Electrician.   As mentioned earlier, I am currently an Electrical Junior Mechanic.  I have been blessed to combine both businesses together to support myself and my family.  I have also helped many people who have come across my path by connecting them to Young Living to improve their health and financial lives.







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